The CEO is the CMO

Scrappy business people are fantastic people to work with — lean, mean, execution machines. But there comes a point where all scrap and no strategy results in a hard working team that are running to stand-still. Many small company CEOs lean too far into the COO role, at the expensive of setting — and ensuring execution of — the strategy. If anything, […]

Salesacademy not Codingacademy

For the last few years, angel and venture capital investors in technology have been biased away from non-technical founders. Entrepreneurs would hear things like: “If you’re not an engineer — find one to be your co-founder” or “If you’re not a developer — become one”. A talented technical founder has a 4-year Computer Science degree, and in many cases, years of coding […]

Business has become too Data Driven

I know this headline is going to get a chuckle around my office. A couple of weeks ago I was interviewed and the journalist started with “I believe you’re the metrics and data driven guy here”. I don’t think that’s the case, but perception is reality, so this opinion is likely to seem as a reversal […]

Don’t fear the Big Company ‘Kill Zones’

Do you worry about the so called ‘kill zones’ of big tech companies? The Economist thinks you should. The theory basically suggests that if your product or service is anyway threatening or accretive to one of these incumbents — they will either force-buy your company, or clone it and destroy your market.  Any entrepreneur that believes this should […]

The SaaS Market is Fragmented

Let me start by posing a question — will the SaaS market go the way of cars and PCs — massively consolidated from hundreds (or thousands) of manufacturers down to a few mega suppliers? Or will it go the way of restaurants and software — big chains as well as lots of boutiques and small franchises?

Marketers, Marketers, where art thou?

People say good developers are hard to get, but that’s not true, there’s loads of good developers, they are just hard-work to recruit. Good marketers, on the other hand, are just a very rare breed. So we’ve decided to take matters into our hands and start the Scaleworks Marketing Academy — where we will coach SaaS marketers and […]

Learn How to Embrace Constraints in Business

Constraints are very likely the differentiator that makes companies that embrace (or live with) them succeed and thrive — by being forced to be economical, laser focussed on customer needs and satisfaction, driven to bring in new revenue, and build the product that resonates with the market today.

Working with a sense of urgency may be your real unfair advantage

The urgency to get things done is a huge differentiator, those that have it will outperform others, time and again.

Your Startup Needs Scrappers. Don’t Look for Them at the Tech Giants.

(This article was originally published on LinkedIn. Go here to see it and engage in the conversation.) Earlier this year when I introduced a new executive to their new team , I made a point to say he came from a company you have never heard of in an incredibly crowded market with not much going for it! […]

Not Venture Scale? Get Over It!

It’s long been known that VCs live off home runs. And the problem is only getting worse. In last 3 years almost 750 VC funds have closed over $100 billion in funds to invest in startups. High valuations and large capital infusions from venture firms mean startups better be showing unicorn trending results or be […]