Introducing Element SaaS Finance

We’re excited to share that Scaleworks Venture Finance is now Element SaaS Finance! Element provides flexible loans to growing SaaS companies based on their asset of recurring revenue. Read the announcement here.

Simple is not Easy

There’s a lot of power in simplicity. The best writers and communicators tend to write in short sentences and use common words so that their audience can quickly understand the message, and not spend too many brain cycles deciphering the words. Simple ideas spread faster. Simple ideas are easier to remember. Simple ideas are more […]

Working backwards to uncover key success factors

If you’re a SaaS business — you’re likely overwhelmed with data and an ever growing list of acronyms that purport to unlock secret keys to your success. But like most things — tracking with you do has very little impact on what you actually do. It’s really important to find one, or a very small number, of key indicators […]

Scaleworks Acquires SearchSpring, Leader in E-commerce Search

Scaleworks is excited to announce today that we’ve acquired SearchSpring, a company that provides access to advanced searching for online retailers’ websites. This acquisition is the first for Fund II, which we announced this past February. We’ve all been to the sites of your favorite brands, be it Warby Parker for glasses, or Glossier for […]

This is Scaleworks Debt Fund, a revenue based lender to B2B SaaS companies

Hi, John Gallagher here, I have recently joined Scaleworks as Director of Venture Finance. As an avid follower of innovation (in all industries) and having worked and studied Finance for the last twenty years, the rise of challengers to the finance and banking industry is met with open arms. While the world moved to the […]

Free Is Not A Business Model, Especially For Your Book.

A group of Product Managers just co-authored what sounds like an interesting book, called ‘Launch’. But I doubt it will get the readership it may deserve. It certainly won’t get a mass of critical reviews. Why? Because it’s free. Free isn’t a business model. Charging isn’t only about making money (gasp!),it’s about creating the perception of value — and […]

Scaling Scaleworks: We’re Excited to Announce Fund II

We’re excited to share with you today that three years after we opened up the doors at Scaleworks, we’ve raised our second equity fund. The $80M fund will be put to good use as we continue to have amazing conversations with founders about the next steps for their companies. We’re in a time where winds […]

Knowing what to focus on is a Super Power

The outcomes someone who is good at focussing, and knows what to focus on, can generate far outweigh the horsepower of their input. In fact, input effort isn’t really a good predicator of success at all. You hear phrases like ‘busy fool’ and ‘just spinning their wheels’ to represent people that are working hard, but […]

The CEO is the CMO

Scrappy business people are fantastic people to work with — lean, mean, execution machines. But there comes a point where all scrap and no strategy results in a hard working team that are running to stand-still. Many small company CEOs lean too far into the COO role, at the expensive of setting — and ensuring execution of — the strategy. If anything, […]

Salesacademy not Codingacademy

For the last few years, angel and venture capital investors in technology have been biased away from non-technical founders. Entrepreneurs would hear things like: “If you’re not an engineer — find one to be your co-founder” or “If you’re not a developer — become one”. A talented technical founder has a 4-year Computer Science degree, and in many cases, years of coding […]