Introducing Element SaaS Finance

We’re excited to share that Scaleworks Venture Finance is now Element SaaS Finance! Element provides flexible loans to growing SaaS companies based on their asset of recurring revenue. Read the announcement here.

This is Scaleworks Debt Fund, a revenue based lender to B2B SaaS companies

Hi, John Gallagher here, I have recently joined Scaleworks as Director of Venture Finance. As an avid follower of innovation (in all industries) and having worked and studied Finance for the last twenty years, the rise of challengers to the finance and banking industry is met with open arms. While the world moved to the […]

How to Value a SaaS Company

I read an interesting article about the core metrics of a business being a better way to measure real value than traditional assets or EBITDA , and thought I’d share some of the components we use to value companies at Scaleworks. We haven’t quite gotten this down to a science yet, but there is more to SaaS valuations than […]

How Too Much Capital Can Ruin Your Startup Edge

Generally, startups have very few things going for them. No one has ever heard of you. You have no reference customers. Your team is most likely new to business with few credentials. But, startups have a couple super powerful things that make them win against bigger foes. I think two really matter: Extreme focus. Startups are […]

Built a Successful Company? Don’t Expect to be a Great Venture Investor.

“There is a lot of talk about “value add” from VCs but often that is just for show during the process of winning the deal. The number of VCs who actually add a lot of value to their investments is much smaller than you would think.” — Fred Wilson (GP, Union Square Ventures) “I miss being entrenched […]

Good Software Businesses don’t need VC

So many tech entrepreneurs believe that after getting an idea, building a prototype and hopefully getting some early traction, raising Venture Capital is the next step. VC’s have pushed that message for years as a way to get deal flow, and they’ve done an excellent marketing job, so it’s hardly surprising that raising VC is […]

Company Valuations

Valuing a company is typically done based on either Value Pricing or Market Pricing.

Venture Equity — a new model for investing

We raised Scaleworks Fund I, a $50m first fund, and called it ‘Venture Equity’. Here’s what we mean by the term Venture Equity and where we see it in the world of equity finance.