Working backwards to uncover key success factors

If you’re a SaaS business — you’re likely overwhelmed with data and an ever growing list of acronyms that purport to unlock secret keys to your success. But like most things — tracking with you do has very little impact on what you actually do. It’s really important to find one, or a very small number, of key indicators […]

Knowing what to focus on is a Super Power

The outcomes someone who is good at focussing, and knows what to focus on, can generate far outweigh the horsepower of their input. In fact, input effort isn’t really a good predicator of success at all. You hear phrases like ‘busy fool’ and ‘just spinning their wheels’ to represent people that are working hard, but […]

Salesacademy not Codingacademy

For the last few years, angel and venture capital investors in technology have been biased away from non-technical founders. Entrepreneurs would hear things like: “If you’re not an engineer — find one to be your co-founder” or “If you’re not a developer — become one”. A talented technical founder has a 4-year Computer Science degree, and in many cases, years of coding […]

Of Course Marketing is a STEM Career

15–1199.10 Fifteen dash eleven ninety-nine dot ten. I had to look twice. Music rose to a dramatic crescendo that quickly segued into “I have a Golden Ticket” from Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory. It was true. Marketing is now a STEM Career. — – The Standard Occupational Classification (SOC) System rarely brings joy. They’re […]

Marketers, Marketers, where art thou?

People say good developers are hard to get, but that’s not true, there’s loads of good developers, they are just hard-work to recruit. Good marketers, on the other hand, are just a very rare breed. So we’ve decided to take matters into our hands and start the Scaleworks Marketing Academy — where we will coach SaaS marketers and […]