We scale great products into great businesses. We are proud to be operating a number of SaaS companies. Learn more about what our companies do, who is leading them, and some of the success they have achieved.


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Sameer Kamat, CEO of Filestack, discusses the company and building a content ingestion network.

Content Ingestion Network

Your colleagues, customers, and communities have billions of files on their devices. Filestack helps deliver those files to you and serve them back out quickly efficiently, and securely.


Automated User Research

Qualaroo automates user research for SaaS products with features like advanced user targeting, dynamic insight reporting, and Sentiment Analysis. Qualaroo empowers UX and product leaders to understand the user experience without having to employ time and cost-intensive user research methods.


Embedded Analytics Platform

Keen provides APIs for capturing, analyzing, and embedding event data in web and mobile applicaitons.


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Jess Garza, CEO of Earth Class Mail, discusses the company and the need for office mail automation.

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Office Mail Automation

Transform the daily piles of mail, checks, invoices, and correspondence into digital documents and perform powerful automations.


Recurring Payments Platform

Chargify turns billing into a competitive advantage for recurring businesses. Most billing systems are too slow, too rigid, and too limiting. Chargify offers a dramatically different billing experience, empowering businesses to deliver custom pricing and flexible offers at scale and easily change those offers over time.


Intelligent Site Search

Empowering retail websites with relevant and fast site search, navigation and product recommendations. Our unique merchandising and analysis tools provide deep controls and powerful insights.


The Nextopia team at a conference

AI-Powered Site Search and eMerchandising Solutions

Nextopia is a leading provider of AI-Powered Site Search and eMerchandising solutions that deliver a better eCommerce experience and improve the product discovery journey. Our customizable site search, navigation, recommendation, personalization, and visual merchandising applications utilize machine learning techniques to enhance the customer journey, eliminate manual intervention, and convert more browsers into buyers.

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