Scaleworks acquires B2B SaaS products we feel have the potential to be truly great, but need support in their efforts to scale from around $3-10M in size to $20M and beyond.


Exited Companies


Due to the popularization of SaaS, there’s a wealth of growth tactics floating around the space. These tactics can be great resources for optimization and fueling new experiments, but don’t confuse them with real business building. We tend to overcomplicate things, and can get backlogged with a huge list of tactics to implement, many of which won’t really move the needle or solve for strategic needs.

We’ve distilled the 6 Strategic Pillars we prioritize for any of our businesses.

Bring a solutions mindset to problems. No defeat, be positive and optimistic. Pretty much everything is fixable, and most decisions are reversible.

Teams that work beside each other have a natural speed and reaction time advantage over those that have the tax of a distributed or large organization. Real progress happens informally and on the fly.

Give up on the ‘billion dollar TAM’ and narrow down the market to a very specific group of customers that we can be the best in the world at serving; and grow from there.

Use Value Added Marketing to create and curate a database of potential customers and invest in bringing value to them on an ongoing basis.

As our businesses change and products evolve, the customer profile changes too. Good businesses are not afraid to charge for the value they deliver, and realize that that value is constantly changing as they grow.

Customer fuel the company, and everyone touches a customer at some point and has a role to play. Opportunities exist everywhere. The sales skill matters—even if you rarely talk to customers, if you have ideas, you have to be able to persuade people. 



We also do everything possible to help companies maximize time spent on customers, product, and messaging. By centralizing common operations, we’ve found we dramatically accelerate each team’s ability to focus on what makes the business unique and valuable.


Scaleworks provide capital, advice, and services to ensure the financial health and growth of each company. The fund operates accounting, provides lending. assists with budgeting, and helps navigate major events like acquisitions and expansion.


Companies get full support in negotiating deals and bolt-on acquisitions, ensuring the process goes smoothly (we’ve done this many times) and keeping it from being a drain on the business. Then, as companies are ready to exit, we help prepare strategy, terms, and diligence.


We hire for aptitude over experience, and have invested heavily in innovative programs for learning and advancement. More than a job, Scaleworks strives to offer those with passion and motivation a master class in business and marketing.


The CEO is the most critical, and most difficult to fill, role in any company. We believe in identifying and developing high potential executives in our portfolio companies. Through a mixture of exposure to CEO challenges, board meetings, CEO roundtables and 1:1 coaching, the CEO-in-training program helps develop functional leaders into company leaders.


The tactics of experimenting and growing SaaS funnels are ever-changing, and marketing in general is an under-trained area. The Marketing Academy brings together marketing peers across all our portfolio companies, and facilitates workshops with domain experts across a wide variety of marketing topics.


We are a Principles driven organization – from evaluating an investment, to deciding on strategy and hiring the team – a ‘playbook’ of approaches that work (and don’t) emerges that we can leverage across the portfolio to facilitate a faster pace of learning. We strive to be doggedly curious and relentless learners.